Brand policy and DMCA takedown notice

Note to brand owners who have found their brand on our site :
We have advertised some of our products ( and your brand maybe advertised that way as well .... ) based on us being 3rd party affiliates.
We have pulled these products information directly from 3rd party servers - hence we have been authorized to advertise these brands - there are no copyright issues.
Based on our user agreement with 3rd party (in which we act as an affiliate for ... ) - we are authorized to display products pulled from 3rd party servers through their affiliate API directly on our site .
Additionally we do not host the images on our server but only link to them through 3rd party on our site.
Our goal is to promote your brand to potential buyers - we do not hold stock - we only serve as an affiliates promoting certain brands.
If you wish to remove your brand please do the following :
Send us an email with brand name / links in our store and we shall remove your brand promptly - please email to :
After we confirm removal - please allow 24-48 hours for server updates .
Thanks for understanding - dealz17 team.



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